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This program is designed to bring reading volunteers and positive life lessons into kindergarten classrooms on a weekly basis.

Each week in each classroom, volunteers read one book selected from our carefully chosen library of books on responsible behavior topics which is made available at their school. They also ask the children a few predetermined questions to stimulate interaction and application of each story's message.  Then, volunteers close out each session by reciting a short motto with the students.

Volunteers are recruited, trained and organized into small teams to read on a weekly basis during the school year in kindergarten  classrooms of participating Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Volunteers commit 30 minutes per week around lunchtime for at least two months. Following their one  hour training session, volunteers meet in teams at their school and read in the same classroom on the same day at the same time each week.  

All of the books read in this program are from our library of over 100 books.  Each book presents a positive life lesson that can be directly applied to the students' lives.

Contact us for more information, for requesting this program at your school or about volunteering.


Our objectives for the 2022-2023 school year are to:

  • Mobilize and train 50–70 volunteers to read to students;
  • Read more than 400 books to 500 students in at least 8 schools

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