Reading children's books online continues

Dean and Cindy Baker continue to read children's books via Facebook LIVE on weekdays at 10 AM Central as part of our modified LEADING by READING® program!  

Since children are out of school, we want to offer them the opportunity to join us online to hear a new story from our library of children's books each weekday.  If you cannot join us live, you will also be able to replay them later.

Tell your friends and family members to join us! Love Helps, inc. has an extensive library of children's books that typically our volunteers use to read to children at their schools.  Our executive director, Dean Baker, and his wife and our assistant program director, Cindy Baker, will be reading some of those books live on the Love Helps, inc. Facebook page starting at 10 AM Monday–Friday for the next several weeks.

Each story time includes reading an entire children's book, asking some follow up questions about the story or its message and reciting a motto.

We hope many will be able to join us for some fun stories that have great messages for all of us!