Board member spotlight: Mattie Cantrell

Love Helps, inc. is blessed to have Mattie Cantrell serving on our board of directors.  This is Mattie’s first year to serve on the board, and she brings her very unique perspective and experience with Love Helps, inc. We are excited to have her join our team.

Mattie works for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools and was introduced to Love Helps, inc. as a 3rd grade teacher in 2005. She used the Triple “A” Achiever® Awards program in her classroom. Mattie then became the Coordinator of School and Community for her school. In this role, she expanded her experience to all the programs offered by Love Helps, inc. She helped coordinate both the Triple “A” Achiever® Awards program and the Leading by Reading® program at her school.

She has been able to see firsthand how Love Helps, inc.’s programs can impact students and how our programs promote  social/emotional learning. She has seen students’ positive responses to the programs through a variety of students and grade levels.

Mattie has a unique connection to Love Helps, inc. since she has experienced Love Helps, inc. as a teacher, administrator,  community liaison and parent! She has experienced seeing her own children, as well as students at school, receive encouragement from the Triple “A” Achiever® Awards program.

Prior to serving on our board, she also was involved in fundraising for Love Helps, inc. when she participated in the Love Helps, inc.’s Team Excel ½ Marathon Training team. And she finished the race!

We are so glad that Mattie is now serving as a board member to lend her talents, experience and support to the work of Love Helps, inc.