Board member profile: Sydney Bramlett

Sydney Bramlett is the manager of internal audit for Ardent Health Services and currently serves as the chair of Love Helps, inc.'s infrastructure committee.   She moved to Nashville in 2015 and started volunteering for Love Helps, inc. in 2018.

Sydney first heard about Love Helps, inc. from a colleague at Ardent. After hearing about her coworker’s experience with the LEADING by READING® program, Sydney decided to sign up to read. She has enjoyed reading to the kindergarten students throughout the school year. As she participated in this program, she saw students progressing in their ability to recall information from the stories she shares and their skills for answering questions about the stories increasing during the year. She has enjoyed seeing students become invested in the learning process and seeing them look forward to participating each week. Reading with Love Helps, inc. has been a heartwarming experience according to Sydney.

Sydney also has participated in Love Helps, inc.'s Triple “A” Achiever® Awards program. Through this program she has helped encourage and cheer on many students to do their best in school by sending them cards, letters and prizes.

Sydney believes that it is so important to positively impact the children in the community, because they are the future! Instilling an eagerness to learn and an interest in reading is a wonderful way to accomplish this goal.

Through her volunteer work, she saw how Love Helps was providing a positive impact on the children served. She decided to get more involved in the behind the scenes work to help further strengthen that impact by serving on the board of directors for Love Helps, inc..

We greatly appreciate the passions, talents, and skills Sydney brings to Love Helps, inc.'s board and programs.